Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We entered the box at first light yesterday. It took both Running Bear and I to lift the hidden door once we pried the latch free. It was almost as if someone had tried to glue it closed.
Those words...."This is where tragedy begins"..They set me on edge from the moment I saw them. Both of the people I investigated had been here. One is still missing and the other...Well, you know what happened there.
Their tragedies did indeed, if not begin, at least intersected with this place. This box with no windows and a hidden opening, this relic of the ancient world hidden away in the darkness.

Once the door was opened,  there were stairs leading down into complete darkness. We lit torches and walked slowly downwards, noticing the changes in the rock as we descended. It quickly went from the soft brown  typical of this area to a much harder and slightly darker rock...Then we noticed that every single stair had the too-familiar (X) carved into it... And the outer walls....someone had painted them darker, and darker the farther down the stairs we went. By the time we hit the last stair, the walls were solidly black.

We reached the bottom stair, and stepped into the room...And it became readily apparent what the purpose of this structure is. A temple, with a dedication to something quite familiar and.

Along the floor, there was a large depiction of that dreaded symbol, again. But in the center of the X was a 5-foot high stand, and on that stand, a carved statue of the figure with no face.On the four faces of the stand, in an ancient language, were the words "The One Who Is".

Running Bear started throwing up. I felt it then, an overwhelming urge to panic and flee. I felt the taint pressing against my skin. The figure it was coming from the figure the taint the figure they are linked all of this is linked..

Then Running Bear screamed and pointed to the wall. A shadow, spirits save us, a shadow with four arms, what was casting that shadow how was there a shadow I don't know have to run flee before it catches us

We ran up the stairs and dragged the door shut, fled the cave. We're almost out of Chaco, stopping just long enough to eat and post. I don't rightly know where we're off to yet, just know that we have to get out of this canyon.


  1. Any help I can give you, any at all, just let me know. If you want me to twist Brood's arm and send some MASC agents to you or to get him to fly you to the East Coast to stay with us, say the word. If you don't mind being questioned until your head is ready to explode, that is.

    I can't promise we're safe. I don't think anywhere is really safe. Safer, maybe, for the moment.

  2. Mystery, I'll keep your offer in my mind. I am fairly sure that these agents don't know me, but I can handle them if they started in. Thank you so much for your concern, though.

    Running Bear wants to go back to the village and confront his father. I'm not sure how this is going to go over, but I am going to go by his side anyway.

  3. Oh I would not like be privy to that conversation. Family arguments are the worst kind, which is why I have nothing to do with my family any more.

  4. Running Bear is all but banished from his village and people anyway...The only reason it's not publicly declared is that he hasn't showed his face there.

    I tried so hard to convince him it's better to not go back. They could kill him. But he wants to see his family one more time, and set the record straight regardless.