Monday, January 16, 2012


Zia, no offense, I think puts far too much weight on one dream. I do believe her ideas have merit, especially knowing what i know about our father, but..sometimes, dreams are just that. Dreams. 
I did dream of the faceless creature of legend. I saw it first as a hazy black shadow against the wall of our refuge, but the longer I gazed, the clearer it became. It stepped from the wall then, and I saw it as clearly as I see the waking world. Something over seven feet tall, dressed in an odd manner that I've never seen the like of before. It had limbs, but they were very elongated, as if something had stretched them. It held out one of these arms to me, but I didn't move. The blank white face seemed to study me intently. Something strange did happen though...The longer I stood staring, the..mood seemed to change, and so did the creature's arm. It flickered between a hand and a..tentacle, I think is the right word. As suddenly as it appeared, it was gone. I realized then that I was back in the waking world.
I rolled over, and realized that the wall in my dream was the exact same one as I was sleeping against. Honani grumbled something about sleepwalking, but he talks in his sleep constantly. Just another one of his strange sleep-comments. (He may very well try to kill me, after seeing that publicly posted. Hmm. Something has to take our minds off the situation at hand. Why not a little murder?)


  1. Have you all been well lately?

    It worries me when you go so long without posting. Have you made any progress?

  2. We've done nothing but sit and read over the legend. So far, no new revelations, but we can't exactly be out searching for leads.
    No, unfortunately, if we leave, we get attacked. I can't say staying much longer will be safe, though.