Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So much has changed. Chumana betrayed us, Running Bear is worse than dead, and Honani no longer speaks. We were betrayed. I should have payed more attention to her dreams, to her ramblings. I thought she was just frustrated at her situation. But it appears The Emissary got to her, just as he did The Chief. We awoke one morning and the spirits were gone again, just as they were at the temple.. And we saw it then. We saw the One with no face. And The Emissary. And..Chumana. She was smiling, and carrying my notes in her arms. There was blood on her face.
"Hello, hello, Zia. Oh, you trusted me, I can see it in your eyes. You should never trust a Snake. These notes are really beautiful, you know. So much work, for so little result. Running Bear, Honani, my family. It's time for us to go. Don't worry, Father is dead. I was allowed to exact my revenge. You're free now. Come."

 Honani lunged for her then, screaming about traitors. And Running Bear...He tried to stop them from fighting. She reached out and touched his face and he went...limp. He just collapsed. She smiled again, and turned to Honani, who looked horrified. He dropped his weapon and backed away from her. "What did you...What did you do to him? Chumana! What have you done! You are no sister of mine. You betrayer. Betrayer..You have no other name to me now." 

He walked away then, disappearing among the ruins. Just her and I now, and the Emissary. There was also a man in a suit. A man unnaturally tall and long of limb..devoid of face. No face. Oh, no..It is real. Spirits save me, IT IS REAL. It seemed to gaze at me, and the world began to shift...

I woke up next to Running Bear among the ruins, with the Sun Symbol painted underneath us. I was unable to move...Honani found us several hours later. Wordlessly, he lifted me in one arm and Running Bear in the other. He carried us up and out of the ruin to a campsite.We've been here since then, no one speaking. Running Bear won't wake up, his spirit..it's gone. That's the only way I can explain this. He's just a shell. Honani refuses to speak or make a noise. My notes are lost and my mind wanders. And I see It sometimes, in the distance.

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