Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Man With One Hand

I saw him today, this man with no hand. The Emissary. He was atop one of the buildings across this narrow canyon..He was staring very intently at something in his hand, when he noticed me watching him. He raised his handless arm then, in a mock sort of peace greeting. He seems so arrogant, so...sure of his plans. This is worrisome indeed...Something will happen soon.
I have seen the Faceless Figure in dreams again. Calling out to me, the same as before, but this time I run. Not because I am afraid, no, I am not afraid of it.Rather it is because of what Zia tells us. This creature, if it is indeed of the Seventh could destroy our spirits and leave our beings hollow. It could do with us purely as it pleases, if it even has those sinister thoughts.

I have always believed though...That maybe some of these beings were misunderstood. That their actions were wrong in our eyes, their motives misinterpreted and turned to evil. I do not presume such things about this creature, but sometimes I wonder...What it would be like to attempt to reach out and converse with it somehow. I shall have to give it some thought...It would be easier if the thing was physically present, instead of just a dream..

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