Friday, February 24, 2012


We are not alone here. Someone knows. They stole this device I use to make posts, and a multitude of other things. Including the notebooks and the papers with the legend. All gone, every bit of written or collected research. Even stranger is this: I found the device sitting by my head when I woke up this morning, with a note attached. All it said was "Courtesy of the Emissary." Chumana glared and stalked away when I mentioned that name, and now going over her introductory post, I see why. It's all beginning to come together now...The hand we found in the temple, the one-handed man that stirred things up in the village. I wonder where he comes from...What disturbs me greatly is this: The grandson that got me into this mess....He is still missing, he had links to that temple...What if he became snared by this...this thing. This faceless, haunting spirit, this escaped thing from a realm no one dares even mention.

Even as I type this, the others shy away and cringe. No one talks about the seventh realm, the place of locked-away horrors and abominations. Stories are told of the things that live there that can give a grown man nightmares...I believe this thing is an escaped entity. Yes, I am assuming that it is real. Too much has happened for me to believe otherwise...What else could disturb the ancient spirits so greatly that they abandon their homes and sever contact? No, it is real, and we are among the things it desires... Why it does so is now what I wish to figure out. I don't believe it wants us dead, I think it could have done so already. That it has a temple tells me that it desires something much more...


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