Monday, September 19, 2011

No one home

Running Bear and I have been scouring this area of Chaco for days...Sorry about being silent for so long. We kind into the hunt, so much so that...The sun rose one morning, and neither Running Bear nor I stopped the search until the sunset the following day. This was several days ago...He and I have finally run out of non-spiritual options, though. We thought that maybe the map was backwards. It wasn't. That it was a dry riverbed, not a side canyon. Not that either. We even considered the possibility that the cut shown might be a cavern system. We've found nothing to show that this place exists.

And so, my walk in the spirit realm began again. Or, it would have if...Something went wrong. I tried to contact the spirits of the rocks in our area of the canyon. I knew that talking to them would be very alike to trying to strike up conversation with something just awakened from a 1000-year slumber, but I was not prepared to receive no answer at all. I felt nothing of the rock spirits. It's like they've abandoned this place. The spiritual phone lines have been disconnected, so to speak. I have been refused answers before, it's really not that uncommon. A few times, the spirits refused to even acknowledge me, but...They. Are. Not. Here.

So that's out. I am almost afraid to try to enter the spirit realm myself. I know that to solve this, I need to try. But I'm scared of what I'm going to find there.


  1. I'm relieved to see your post. I was getting worried. It worries me even more that the rock spirits are just gone. They don't just go... they're steadier than the sun and the moon in their cycles.

    Be careful... it could be a trap of some kind. Are there any spirits you can call on to guard you and watch your back? If it is a trap, Running Bear should also be prepared to guard you while you're away from your body. I don't have a good feeling about this.

  2. Running Bear here,
    Zia is out walking, and I am with her. A physical world attacker will have hell coming to her as long as I am still alive.

    She told me to tell you something else when she came back last night, that not only the rock spirits are gone but as far as she can tell every spirit in the region has disappeared. She says she's having trouble accessing her guides as well.

    She thinks something might be blocking them from her.

  3. I've never heard of anything like that, and the implications are frightening. I suppose it could be like a perception filter such as Amalgamation Sage and others talk about, which would mean all the spirits are still there but the blockage has been placed on Zia... maybe from the temple? Still not a good thing. You both may be tainted now.

  4. Running Bear here,
    There are precious few stories of this sort of thing happening. Something so frightening or hostile that the calm spirits of the land simply leave and return when it is safer to do so. They do not prefer to fight.

    The fact that her guides are out of touch, though, makes me think about your second possibility.

    Zia said she was going to try to spirit walk out of the area, to see if she could reconnect or not. It must be so frightening to walk in the spirit realm alone..