Monday, September 5, 2011

On my way

Our way, I suppose I should say. Running Bear is accompanying me. There is nothing left for him here. I can see that as plainly as I saw my own outcasting. I couldn't say no after what I saw at the temple. Besides, he makes a good traveling companion. Sometimes, it is good to not be alone.

He was the first to pick the papers out of my traveling bag. Slowly, carefully, as if extracting a poisonous snake from its hole. Those papers have been the elephant in the room ever since we found them~We've both been avoiding the subject of them like that poisonous snake. Unfortunately, they are now my only link to the mystery of this madness. A mystery I still intend to solve, despite my deepest urges to run the other way. I have a theory, you see, a theory that, if true...There will be no escape if I am right. Therefore I earnestly hope I am wrong. I told Running Bear, and he sort of laughed at me and said that it was impossible. I'd like to believe it. I've grown up believing it.

The seventh realm is sealed. Nothing escapes from there. Because nothing good comes from there. Madness, death, torture, enslavement. The Greatest Spirits sealed that place a long time ago.

So, the papers. There are 10 in all. Five are covered in writing, three in similar drawings to the ones I have already seen, and two appear to be, oddly enough, maps. In fact, one is a map to a place I know of. And that is where we are going right now. Up into the back of Chaco Canyon, where there is rumored to be a boxed stone and wood dwelling with no doors. I have always dismissed this as simply rumor, because the people there did not build with stone and wood, and who would build a dwelling with no doors? It is not practical, and the Chaco dwellers dealt in practicality because they had to survive. I can no longer deny it, though. So, I am going to go find it, and look for a way in.
The map reads very clearly for a woman driven mad. It's quite strange, really. I wonder if she drew it before she went crazy and carved symbols into her flesh?


  1. Chaco? I have been there. It's not a very hospitable place, is it? I wonder what you could find there...

  2. Eternity, I just don't know. If it's anything at all like the last thing I found...
    I'm a bit scared, to be honest.