Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Family Story

I have located the family of the missing mother after a few weeks of searching for their village. What I heard of them before was rumor, and before looking for the woman herself I wanted to speak with them so as to get the story straight.I also wanted to see if she kept any drawings or writings like the grandson that started this journey.

The family home is a hand-built, one-story adobe house on a reservation not too far from Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. The village is almost exclusively an extended family unit, and the father of the family just so happened to be the village chieftain. Dealing with these types always makes me somewhat nervous because of the politics that so often happens when they tell stories, but I was hoping that his concern for his wife's safety would permit him to tell me the truth. 

After being granted permission to enter the village, I was pointed in the direction of the home. Of course, I would have found it anyway. It was the only home in the village to have the black taint covering it. The same black taint as covered the grandmother's home. I felt the creeping evil from quite a distance-It's very hard to ignore and even harder to approach. The family's eight children were all outdoors when I walked up, but they weren't interested in play or chores. The father felt very strongly of worry and..anger? Yes. Anger.

He was also not particularly interested in  friendly conversation. He pulled me off to the side away from his children and simply said, "I know why you have come, but it is too late. She has abandoned her family. She forced us to abandon our home after she violated its sacredness with that vile symbol. " At this, he pointed to a pile of rubbish about 30 feet to the north. "Go take a look if you wish. I woke up one morning to find her drawing it over and over on the door to our bedchamber. She disgraced us both.. To draw the anti-symbol over the circle of life! Blasphemy! I wanted to give her another chance, so I sent her away to purify herself, and she has not returned. She abandoned her family and her village, and almost cost me my leadership. When you're done looking, I'd suggest you leave. You're welcome will be short." 

He called his children inside, and that was the last I saw of him. Is it just me, or did he seem more concerned with keeping his title than with his wife's behavior? Sickening. I understand why he was angry, though I think he misunderstood her. She drew what he calls the anti-symbol, the X, over the universal circle of life. He took this to mean a refusal to bear him any more children. For a woman, that is understood as an act of blasphemy against life itself.

I did find out some useful information, though. He sent her away as purification, so that would mean to her taking a 5-day journey to an accepted sacred location, spending another 5 days there, and then returning and stripping away the symbols. So now, all I have to do is find all of these locations that are 5 days walking distance, and seek them out. No. I won't be walking to them all. That would take far too much time. The up-side to being able to communicate with and walk with the spirits is that they grant me access to some of their paths. It's a bit hard to explain, but basically it means using my spirit to either track her energy from the village, or search each of the sites for this energy. And since the spirit moves much faster than the body, it should not take too long to locate her. I hope.

The trouble is, spirit energy does fade after a while, especially if a person has died. 

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