Saturday, August 27, 2011

Running Bear broke the silence first. Around mid-morning yesterday, he came over to my side of the fire and laid his head on my shoulder. Just like that. He proceeded to apologize for acting like a scared child, for..all kinds of things that made no sense. I told him not to worry about it, because, let's face facts here-That covered every single level of the category "not good". We talked for a while then, about his mother, his tribe, seemingly small things compared to the shocker that came next.

~~Zia, I want to clean this place. I want to bury my mother, and then cleanse the evil. I don't really know how, but...It's possible, isn't it?

I am going to be honest here when I say that cleansing the entire temple of something this foul is just a bit beyond me. This kind of taint doesn't just stay here in the physical world-Oh no, I wish it were that easy. With something like this, realms of the spirits are affected as well. And guess what-One has to check each one, level by level. There are seven levels, with ours being the fourth. The average human being only deals with levels three through five, three being where the spirit comes from upon birth, five being the dwelling realm of most ancestral spirits. I have a feeling I'll be talking more about the others next time, so I'll leave that for now..
Back to this being beyond me-It's a touchy process. And Mystery was right, rock holds on to memory far longer than most other things. I have cleansed houses of various minor things, but those are cake walks compared to this. But I'll try it, for Running Bear. And because it seems like the only right thing to try in a situation like this...

I'm going to need a lot of fire, and lot of bear clover, and a lot more sleep.

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