Monday, August 15, 2011

Plan B it is

After another day of  *fruitless* spirit trail hunting, I have decided that I'm moving on to Plan B. ((Sidenote: I don't think I've ever spent this long in spirit. Ever. I'm hungry as hell right now.))

As I said before, there are approximately 58 different plausible sites to explore. Of course, I may be able to do some weeding out. For example, some of these sites are acceptable only for certain people or uses. There is a great kiva 20 miles to the north that is considered so sacred that to enter, one must go through 10 days of rigorous spiritual exercise and fasting. Half the people who decide to make that journey die before they get there. I have always wanted to make a journey like that. Not for the acclamations from the people that so many go seeking, but for the great sense of spiritual accomplishment. Let's face it, I'd probably be the only living person to ever know about it.

Anyway. I'm getting off topic. Of the 58 sites, there about 30 of them that would be considered acceptable for her to visit for this type of cleansing. So, my plan is simple. Eat a LOT of food tonight. Study a map. Carefully consider my previous knowledge of the area and it's sacred sites. And find this mysterious missing woman, hopefully alive.

I have to admit, I don't know why I am searching so hard for her. Bringing her alive back to her village would only get her exiled permanently. Bringing back her remains..Well. It would be better for her remains to 'remain' where they are at this point. Maybe it's just because she's my closest link to that symbol. Giving up would mean going back beyond square one, and I'm not really interested in starting over.

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