Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Spirit Tracking"

It's a bit of a task to track the spirit trail of a person you don't know at all. It is much easier to pick out someone's energy if you have spent time with them. The more you know, the easier it becomes.
That said, I spend all of yesterday and most of today unsuccessfully following spirit trails. You'd be surprised at how many trails a small village like this can create..Imagine trying to find a trail through a large city. ((Hint: It's nearly impossible unless the person happens to be your best friend or something of that sort.))
I followed one that looked to be promising. It led out towards what I knew to be a popular religious site on the 5-day radius. I sent my spirit into that area only to find a young boy from the tribe performing a sacred ancestral rite for his passage into manhood. I think he noticed me, too. I hope I didn't disturb his ritual too badly, though he will probably mention a spiritual disturbance when he talks to the tribal elders upon his return. Meh, they'll probably think it was an ancestor or a god or something.

I'm going to try for one more day, and if that fails, I will go to plan B. Plan B being, search the sites themselves for any evidence of her spirit there. There are approximately 58 of them within the 5-day circle, so I hope it doesn't come to that.


  1. Perhaps if you had asked the husband for some personal possession of hers it would have let you pick up her "scent" more easily?

  2. Mystery~ It may have helped me get a better feel for her, however...
    He didn't seem to be in much of a friendly mood when I stopped by.
    In fact he downright threatened me to leave his village. A veiled threat, but a threat nonetheless.